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We handle a complete range of corporate, commercial and real estate matters, including real estate development, lending and residential conveyancing. Our clients include some of the largest organizations in their fields in Canada, major chartered banks and their customers, private lenders, mortgage brokers, doctors and lawyers, strata corporations, professional property managers, and family businesses.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Reorganizations
Commercial Law
Corporate Finance
Regulatory Compliance
Not-For-Profit Organizations
Commercial and Private Lending
Commercial Real Estate and Development
Real Estate and Equipment Leasing
Residential Real Estate and Mortgages
Alcoholic Beverages and Food
Employment Law
Wills, Estates and Trusts

Our Approach

Since our firm was founded, we have endeavoured to provide businesses of all sizes with the comprehensive and insightful legal advice associated with in-house counsel. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your business and your individual needs so that we can best offer guidance that reflects your immediate and long-term goals.


We will respond swiftly to your queries, from the smallest corporate maintenance item to the most complex legal concern.  Our lawyers and legal support team stay current with every file that comes through our doors, allowing our clients a sense of continuity that larger firms cannot match.


Our overriding goal is to quickly and effectively find solutions to your legal concerns. We will work closely with you to define the challenge, suggest a solution, and take steps toward a timely resolution. We are committed to clarifying complicated legal issues to help you understand your options and our recommended course of action.


Clients can rely on the informed counsel of our entire legal team, which boasts over one hundred years of combined experience.  We believe that the best results will be achieved through collaborative problem solving.  Accordingly, you will benefit from the different ideas and perspectives of all members of the firm.  Our expertise allows us to manage our files proactively, to minimize future problems or issues.


In cases where our clients require specialized legal advice or assistance in areas such as tax, litigation, labour relations, immigration or matrimonial matters, we are able to connect you with appropriate specialists through our extensive network of relationships with specialty law firms across the city and around the world.  We will stay actively involved in matters where outside specialists have been brought in, to provide continuity and assistance throughout.

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Peter joined Grossman & Stanley in 1971 and has headed the firm since Edgar H. Grossman’s retirement in 1986. Since then, he has overseen a thriving practice that specializes in business law, including all areas of corporate and commercial transactions, business divestitures and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, commercial contracts, and commercial and real estate transactions and related financing.

Peter’s clients range in size from small local businesses to large international enterprises, and come from a diverse range of industries, including forest products, wineries, retail, various franchises, sports teams and information technology. He follows the relationship-based approach practised by his mentor, Edgar H. Grossman, providing his clients with personalized, comprehensive legal advice on a wide variety of business matters.

Peter was born in York, England and grew up in the Maritimes. He earned a Bachelor of Science and his LL.B. at Dalhousie University in Halifax before being called to the BC bar in 1970. An avid collector of Canadiana furniture and folk art, Peter owned and operated Canada West Antique Co., a popular Vancouver antique store, for more than 20 years. He is married to Lynne and has two daughters, Kate and Jesse.


Roderick (“Rod”) Pearce brings more than 30 years’ experience to his busy corporate and commercial law practice. Rod joined Grossman & Stanley in 1993 after practising for several years with a large Vancouver law firm. Rod acts for a range of clients, with a particular focus on entrepreneurs and their businesses. He is committed to providing practical, responsive and effective legal solutions to meet his clients’ immediate and long-term goals.

Rod has extensive experience in the security, mortgage brokerage, property management and alcoholic beverage industries in British Columbia and across Canada. His corporate and commercial clients include some of the largest companies in their respective industries in Canada. Throughout his career, Rod has worked extensively with commercial and residential landlords, and strata corporations on diverse and complex real estate transactions. He has also worked with clients from a wide range of other industries, such as retail, hospitality and biotechnology. Rod provides comprehensive legal services to doctors, dentists, and other lawyers, including the incorporation of their professional practices, establishment of their partnerships, and the ongoing management of their commercial and corporate affairs. Rod has a significant practice assisting clients in the not-for-profit sector, with a particular focus on low-income housing providers.

Born in Duncan, British Columbia, Rod grew up in North Vancouver and Cranbrook, British Columbia. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and his LL.B. at the University of British Columbia before being admitted to the BC bar in 1986. An admitted hockey nut, both as a player and fan, Rod and his partner, Myrna, also enjoy scuba diving, skiing, cycling, live theatre and travel.


Vincent Santacroce was admitted to the BC bar in 1986 and joined Grossman & Stanley the same year. His legal services cross the full spectrum of corporate, commercial and real estate law, and he acts for clients that range in size from one-person entrepreneurships to multi-million dollar corporations. Vincent has extensive experience working with borrowers and lenders on residential and commercial property purchase, sale and lease transactions.

Like his colleagues, Vincent brings a problem-solving approach to every file. Before initiating any proceedings, he works to understand what his clients want to achieve – and how they want to achieve it. This enables him to develop highly personalized, cost-efficient solutions, which may be legal, corporate or practical in nature. Vincent also has a proven ability to clarify complex issues so his clients understand every aspect of their legal file.

Outside the practice, Vincent enjoys family life with his wife, Kathryn, and three children, Olivia, Julia and John. Travel is a big part of their family activities, with special attention to iconic Americana from Gettysburg to Seinfeld’s puffy shirt. Vincent has volunteered his time to a number of community-based non-profit organizations and has served and chaired several boards over the years.

Vincent is a big Montreal Canadiens fan who once had the pleasure of sharing memories of the famous late game Jim Pappin save in the 1971 Stanley Cup finals with Ken Dryden himself.


John was born and grew up in the North Okanagan and spent most of his high school years at Brentwood College. After exploring the world in his early 20s, John studied economics and, later, law at UBC, graduating with an LL.B. in 1981.

Shortly after completing his articles and being called to the BC Bar in May 1982, John and his young family relocated to the North Okanagan where he joined a small, “storefront” law firm and practised “whatever came in the door”, including criminal, matrimonial, personal injury and civil litigation. Considering his opportunities in the North Okanagan to be limited, John returned to Vancouver in 1986 and joined a medium-sized downtown Vancouver firm where he began to develop his practice in the areas of corporate and commercial law and real estate law. John worked with a couple of other Vancouver firms over the years and joined Grossman & Stanley in 2006. His current practice focus is on complex corporate and commercial transactions, estate planning, and commercial real estate acquisitions, financing and development. His practice approach is to always find commercially reasonable solutions to the business and legal problems that his clients face and to enable them to achieve their business and personal objectives.


David was Grossman & Stanley’s first ever articled student and he joined the firm as an associate upon his call to the BC bar in 2015.

David advises individuals and a variety of small and large businesses on corporate law, commercial law and employment law, as well as on succession planning and regulatory compliance issues. A major focus of his practice is providing advice to clients in connection with corporate and commercial transactions, including negotiating contracts, shareholders’ agreements, and purchase and sale agreements.

David’s practice also includes a dispute resolution component, and he has successfully appeared before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, and multiple administrative tribunals on behalf of both individuals and businesses.

Outside of the office, David is an avid outdoors enthusiast with a particular fondness for the Mt. Seymour and Deep Cove area, where he was raised. David also likes sports.


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